Jewel of St. Paul

A former Masonic Lodge built in 1923, the Jewel of St. Paul is a rare and exotic location for the event planner seeking an environment that creates its own entertainment.

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The history of the cult-like secret society that used to call this home is completely preserved with impressive Masonic symbols adorning the Great Hall Auditorium walls, along with hand stenciled Art Deco design detail on the walls and ceiling.

Large, yet arranged in a comfortable living room style, the Old Lodge Room Auditorium is a prime location for any event from Living Room Concerts and Corporate Parties to Wedding Receptions and Fundraising Events.


Stage, Sound, and Lighting System

Fully equipped with a stage and new sound system, the building has many interesting extras including a large commercial kitchen and a projection room – a photographer’s dream for artistic shots. You also have the freedom to hire a caterer of your choice, or bring in your own food and beverages.

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Location: St. Paul, MN 55105
Click to Call: 612-309-7782
Capacity: 200 (Not Handicap Accessible)
Pricing: Reasonable – varies according to the type of event – please contact us